Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just an Update

Well, I am too tired to bother with much. But it has been so long since I got on here. I hadn't even realized it. So here's the scoop:

First, my computer had a stroke right after my last update. And that set me back a bit. I ended up having to catch up with our company's work, and then my design work had to get caught up. I had just switched stores and was in the middle of setting that all up when old faithful died.

And then we began working on our yard. We are fencing (no small feat on an acre) and we are working on a deck. So, if the weather is good we are doing that. And that is why I am too tired to write much. :) I'm just waiting for the hot water to refill so I can sit in the jetted tub and help my poor body feel better. LOL!

So, maybe when things slow down for half a second I can get back to updating all the stuff with the family for the last year. :)