Monday, March 31, 2008

I don't believe in ironing

So I suck at this blog thing. :) There, I said it.

I have good intentions, it just doesn't occur to me at convenient times that I should write.

In fact, I web-sized a bunch of pics a while back and I just realized I never loaded them. That would be the trouble with shooting RAW. Lots of steps involved in getting the pictures to the point of a blog. That is just to let you know when I do post, that I must really love you. hee hee

Well, here is a minor update, and maybe in a few more months I wil get the rest of the details filled in. Or maybe not.

Josh started karate. He is actually really good at it, picks it up so fast. This is definitely better than guitar was.

Brynja is the proud owner of a nearly 100 year old violin. I decided she was worthy of it as she rarely puts the thing down. She needed a different size, and so I splurged. I get the "old" one. Hers definitely sounds better, such a difference it is amazing. She is amazing on the violin, and is now trying to teach me. Crazy since she's only been learning since Sept.

Aliyah has started ballet and jazz. She is just the perfect little size for a dancer. Reminds me of me, all tiny forever. And she's feisty, too. Definitely her mother's daughter.

I have taken a stand, I no longer believe in ironing. It is an absolute waste of time. Spend 10 minutes ironing so that as soon as you sit down it is undone. Forget it.

And I love my Roomba. I was going to keep it my little secret. But when the guy in brown dropped the box off I was busy and the kids were coming home. So they found it and saw the "i-robot" on the outside and had images of the Jetsons or something. Really blew my cover. But I am in love. I can turn it on and multi task in the shower. :) This is a really good thing!

I opened my Digital Scrapbooking store finally. I was set to open it when a wave of hackers came through. So I postponed it, and did more research to make sure it was as protected as possible. I gotta say building a website is so much freaking fun! A lot of work, and made me crazy at times. I'd get going on something and not be able to stop and go to bed. So, anyway, if you scrapbook and if you play nicely with computers you would probably love digi scrapping. I never thought I'd say that, but one page had me hooked. And I was designing before I actually used the stuff. Figure that out?!?! So the store is here: DigiApeDesigns.

Ok, I have new sheets to get on the bed, and I feel like snuggling into them. And since it is nearing midnight I better get 'er done.