Monday, June 2, 2008

What have I done?!?!

Ok, I am feeling officially musical instrument challenged. I took Aliyah to get a violin today and the other kids came along. And we talked Grandma into renting one and taking lessons with me. So, Josh decides he would rather do violin than guitar. And summer rent is cheap so I agree. So we get the tiny violin and the kind of tiny violin. We leave, we drive home. Within 10 minutes of getting home one of Josh's strings is broken. hmmmm.....

Ok, so I can call their teacher and have a panic attack because he will just laugh at me anyway. So he is going to help. But you know, I think to myself, "how hard can it really be to string a violin?" So I go buy the replacement string. I come home, get it to look like it is stringed right. I am sure it was perfect. But I can't get the dang thing to stay tight. And then it felt okay, so I start tuning the strings. And I know you know what's coming. So yeah, I need to go buy another string. And when their teacher finds out, holy cow. He is so going to die.

So, why on earth am I thinking I should even attempt this? I think it is boredom. Not sure, just a theory. Something about the kids all being in school and I need to do something to keep busy instead of shopping. hahaha

I really should stick with drawing. That was definitely a better plan....

Oh, but I am prepared for classes. If I get laughed at, or yelled at as the case may be, I am prepared. I will tell you more later in case the teacher does find out about this. :) Shhhhhh....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Officially out of Elementary

Well I feel old. I can not believe Brynja is done with 6th grade. I remember when I was done with 6th grade. Uggh, and I remember all that followed. I am really proud of her though. She had a rough year at school as far as teachers and girl issues. But she was always the peacemaker and trying to fix everything. So I am really proud of her for that. I remember how dumb girls can be. I actually got a page scrapped of her and the violin. She had a concert last week that I got some good shots at. I mentioned her violin back at the end of March (So you can go back and read what you have been missing) and here is an official picture of them together. hahaha I love this violin. And I am kinda jealous of it now. I will be starting some lessons next week if I don't chicken out or pass out. And frankly, her violin sounds so much better than mine. She is so loved. I know she will kick my butt in violin, too. She amazes me. I watch her fingers move all over, she has the music memorized, and I think to myself that there is no way in heck I can do that. I should stick to typing really fast, or drawing.
Josh celebrated the last day of school by playing baseball with his friends. He got hit right in the eye with the ball. I have never seen a more gruesome black eye. Well, I don't actually remember seeing one so close up, but still. It is so sad. I haven't gotten a picture yet, he doesn't want one obviously. But I thought it would be great fun to let him write a story (fiction, of course) about how he got it. And then when he's a dad he could pull it out and tell his kids some heroic tale or adventure story about it. He didn't agree, and in fact, failed to see the humor at all. Some day he will regret not taking my idea and using it. I just know it.

And Aliyah just had her first dance recital. She was so stinking cute. I wasn't sure she'd actually remember the dance. She never would show me anything she learned in class, and never practiced it. SO I was pretty sure she'd be one of the kids that came out and kind of stood around watching the other girls not sure what to do. But she did great! And she looked so adorable in her "Little Yellow Polka Dot Bikini".