Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just a lazy Sunday

Finally. We needed one of those lazy Sundays. So I thought I'd update you a bit on life in crazyville.

So Bear was sick when we got him. I loved how lethargic he was. Right up my alley. hee hee But he ended up having kennel cough, which is doggie bronchitis. And that rapidly turned into pneumonia. We didn't know this. I took him in to the vet a few days after bringing him home for a check up. And things were ok. He had a little "discharge" that I couldn't locate the source of, so we thought it was from his surgery. So we put him on an antibiotic just in case. So later that day, I discovered that the stuff was actually coming out his nose, like allergies. And our allergies had been awful that day so it made sense. :) And I also thought, if it was anything else he was already on the antibiotic so I wouldn't worry.

Well, things kept getting worse and worse. Over the weekend he was just so sad. He could hardly move, was losing this special liquid like crazy. He was almost not eating and was visibly losing weight each day. And I didn't think about the fact that a vet would have been available over the weekend. I was thinking office hours. Duh. So on Monday I called and got him in, and took Sammie also since she'd been with him the whole time. By then I figured it was kennel cough.

So, we spent a couple hours at the vet. They determined he had kennel cough for sure, and they took an x-ray because they were pretty sure it had become pneumonia. So we were sent home with 2 antibiotics for him. And Sammie had ear infections, so she gets ear stuff. Well. I gave Bear his first dose of one of the meds, and an hour later he was swelling up. His eyes were swollen shut, and his ears got swollen and flaming hot. I about had a heart attack. So I called and told them that this was happening and they were pretty sure it was an allergic reaction. So we had to counteract that. It was like having a new baby. I was up all night as he lay next to me. I kept checking when he'd roll over to make sure he was still breathing, or had a pulse.

So it turns out he is the first dog the vet has ever seen have an allergic reaction to that medicine. :) So then he had to be put on another one that is costing us almost $400 for a month supply (and he needs 4-6 weeks of it). So there goes my college tuition. hahaha And then we got test results back and Sammie has giardia. Probably from drinking the water in the bird bath. So we are having loads of fun with getting medicine into the dogs.

On the bright side, Bear is an entirely different dog than when I brought him home now that he is feeling better. He is so very much like a puppy. Just too big for himself. He seems to have no idea how large he is. He goes to sit down and will end up sitting on things, hitting things on his way down, using people for cushions, etc. He like to back up to the couch and plop his rear end on it just like a person. It is hilarious. And he and Sammie are finally playing. Which I love, but he is so big they are getting banned to the backyard to play.

I think that covers it. Not much else was going on here except school pictures. Which I HATE. And of course the dozens of fundraisers the kids are sent home with. I hate those as well. So I have a break this week. And then we have parent teacher conferences. Oh I can hardly wait. I hope Aliyah's teacher does it all in Spanish just to keep things interesting. Joe is taking Josh. I made sure to schedule them later in the day this year. I am getting smarter. hee hee And I did skip Brynja's. But honestly, weren't these meetings reserved for the struggling students back in "my" day? Why do I need to have a conference about a child that is doing well? It drives me crazy. So, I totally skipped Brynja's, and I don't feel bad. It's probably something to do with the No Child Left Behind bull crap.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We adopted a bear!

Well, he is the size of a bear. So, here's the story:

Sammie, our golden retriever has been lonely. Chief had to be sent back to where he came from. And in the 3 weeks he's been gone Sammie has gained about 10 pounds because of just moping around. Even our runs aren't helping. She is so lonely.

So, being the worried mom I am, I knew she had to have a buddy. One that she could play with and horse around with. I tried and it really didn't go well.

So, I was looking through the lists of adoptable dogs and the dogs up for sale. And I saw a picture of this adorable St. Bernard puppy. Yeah, puppy. I took Josh and Aliyah with me and we headed to the Humane Society to see him, and check out anything else they had. When we arrived, he was heading out the door for a walk and I instantly fell in love.

We checked out all of the other dogs. There were a couple of German Shepherd mix puppies, but they didn't know the other half of the breed. So I didn't feel good about that. And then the big baby came back inside and I knew we had to take him out and play with him. SO we spent about an hour and a half walking him around and getting to know him a bit more.

After waiting for Joe to finish work, he decided he was too tired to come up and let me just decide. So of course we brought him home. The funny thing is that his name was also Chief. But we decided that would be changed. He didn't respond to it anyway. So he is now being called Bear. We thought PeeWee would have been funny, but I so hate PeeWee Herman that I couldn't do that.

So Bear is a 10 month old puppy. He weighs 101 pounds. We haven't measured how tall he is, but he can rest his chin on the counters. And we know he will probably grow a few more inches and fill out to be about 160-200 pounds. He is gonna be a big boy. Aliyah always wanted a horse....

So Sammie is still adjusting to this enormous companion we got her. He wants to play with her so bad but she is still a little concerned he will squash her. I think they will get along great though. He wants to just follow her everywhere. Which she takes as stalking. But she can hide under the deck furniture so I am thinking they will be able to adjust at their own pace if we let them just hang out. hee hee

Oh, yes, he is totally drooly. And I think it is hilarious. I thought I'd be grossed out, but it is really funny. And I am really good at cleaning, so I think we'll be ok. Maybe I will make him wear a bib in the house.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So, my scary big news!

No- I am NOT preggo. And have no intentions of being so. I'd rather not have any high risk pregnancies. And I am sure I will be more helpful alive.

Ok, so are you ready?

After a year of all the kids in school. And much time spend pondering what to do with myself. And wondering what I want to be when I grow up. And then a summer toying with teaching art lessons. .........

I am going to go back to school. And now that I said it "out loud" I have to do it. I have been itching to for the last few months. But I wasn't sure how or what to do. I wasn't sure which degree to get since I know myself more now. I was torn between graphic design, graphic arts or just the Bachelor of Fine Arts I started out getting. And after pouring over the required classes I realized it has to be the BFA. I look at some of the classes required for GD and think, okay, I can get through that. But they appeal to me almost as much as the general ed classes. :) And I look at the art classes and think, can I take them all at once?! I have such a longing to be back in those classes. And I got so excited thinking about picking up where I left off. So that is what made the decision final.

But then I wondered what I would do when I was done. And I still don't know for sure. It will come down to what I need to work for- whether actual income or just to feel like I am doing something. But I wasn't sure what this degree allowed me to do and how flexible it was. In my head I thought, anyone wanting to use my skills as an artist won't care if I graduated, they will want to see a portfolio. But I think I am wrong in that assumption. There really is a lot of option for a BFA. Here's a list I found when I was researching... (I removed any I knew I'd never do)

Fine Arts
Advertising Art Director
Advertising Commercial Director
Advertising Creative Director
Advertising Illustrator
Advertising Photographer
Animator (Digital / Traditional)
Architectural Illustrator
Architectural Technologist
Art Consultant
Art Critic
Art Dealer
Art Director (Film / Video / Print)
Art Editor
Art Historian
Art Librarian
Art Publisher
Art Therapist
Art / Film Critic
Artists' Agent
Background Artist
Billboard Designer
Book Jacket Designer
Cabinet Maker
Children's Book Illustrator
Computer Graphics Design
Corporate Designer
Crafts Artisan
Creative Director-Advertising
Dark Room Technician
Design Consultant
Design Engineer
Digital Artist
Digital Film Maker
Display Artist
Display Designer
Documentary Photographer
Editorial Art Director
Editorial Illustrator
Editorial Photographer
Elementary Teacher
Exhibition Designer
Field-Expedition Artist
Film Editor
Film / Video Camera Operator

Foundry Artist
Gallery Director
Gallery Owner
Glass Blower (well I'd have to learn how)
Graphic Artist
Greeting Card Designer
Industrial Designer
Industrial Photographer
Interior Decorator
Landscape Architect
Lecturer (hahaha, throwing up on audience)
Lighting Designer
Logo Designer
Magazine Designer
Medical Illustrator
Model Maker
Multimedia Designer
Package Designer
Parade Float Designer / Builder
Paste-up Artist
Performing Artist
Photo Journalist
Photography Editor
Primary Teacher (do they mean church?)
Print Maker
Publicity Director
Scientific Illustrator
Set Designer
Sign Painter
Special Effects Technician
Stained-glass Designer
Technical Illustrator
Travel Photographer
Television Director
Typography Designer
Visual Aids Artist
Web-page Designer

So, see I have a lot to think about. I am pretty sure I will teach high school. I would love what I did, and I would actually want to be there. And that is one of my major issues going from being in charge of what I do with myself to working. I don't know if I'd handle people buzzing all over me all the time very well. But maybe I'd enjoy the social aspect. I dunno.

So I signed up for my first class....

wait for it....



No really, I am serious. I am missing a half credit of health and wellness. And that is vital to any degree. So I am doing the class. And the funniest part- it is online. :) Good thing I am honest and actually trying to do this anyway. I do have to log my progress.

And I am trying to decide which other classes to get over with. I want to get the crappy ones out of the way first. Then it will be like play time. I am so excited! And I am so freaking out. But my kids think it is awesome. Joe is totally for it. And I want to do it. That's my biggest reason right now. I have this insane urge to do this. Maybe it is an impression. Maybe it is to keep me busy and useful. I don't know. But I am happy about it so I am going to do it.