Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just for fun, and funny

I'm a Alice! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
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This is funny because I was thinking I'd be a version of her for Halloween. :)

So maybe it's been a couple of days

I didn't realize how long it had been since I last posted. In fact, I can not believe that the month of October has already gone by almost completely. It is so sad really. I love Halloween, and I didn't even finish decorating. No point now even though Brynja is insisting that we will have the spookiest yard in the area. She can try. So on to the October recap....

So updates: Bear is fine, got the all clear yesterday. Thank goodness, because I was getting tired of forking out the dough. I love him, but really, there is a point at which it is ridiculous. So he must have sensed that and decided to complete the healing. And now he is Mr. Personality. He is actually the most hilarious dog we've ever had. So puppy, and yet so not. His size makes it hard to think of him as a puppy. But his behavior is so puppylike. So goofy and silly. Sitting on people is becoming a pastime. If you are on the floor, or even the couch, you are fair game to be used as a seat cushion.

I began subbing school this month. It has been fun. A little crazy. I have to say that one child can really affect the dynamics of the entire classroom. And some kids are just gross. Like, no common sense gross. But hey, it is paying for my tuition so I will handle it with GermX and keep going on.

I am officially a full time student again. And both excited, and scared to death. I worry I lost too many brain cells over the last 14 years of wife and motherhood. I am hoping they aren't lost, just dormant. In the mean time I am investing in ginkobiloba. I am so thoroughly confused though as to my major it is just sad. I was thinking I'd teach HS art. And there are pretty much 2 ways of getting a degree for that. But I am thinking I may even want to do more. I just know I have this deep down in my soul yearning to be back in a studio with my hands covered in paint or ink and creating something. So I am a little worried that teaching won't cut it. I am going to have to just feel this out as I go.

Joe is nearly done with his season. A few days left and then he gets to do a lot more household chores. I am so excited! I did a bad and introduced him to Facebook earlier this month. That would be your best chance of catching him at this point. I think he needs a 12 step program.

We took a trip to the BYU Bean museum one day. It was fun to see the new exhibits. And the old ones. haha We usually head there once or twice a year becuase there really is so much to see.The girls were studying Giardia in honor of Sammie getting it.

Aliyah got caught with the wild zebras and had to sneak away.
Joe in all his coolness. Really, that is it, it is all in that one photo.
This picture actually made me laugh. The kids look like they are trying to talk to an upset Aslan. Just so you know, no children were harmed in the taking of that photo.
My favorite kodiak bear ever. Well, the only one I've seen ever. And Josh was kind enough to humor me and strike a pose.

So, the weather in UT was just as predictable as always. It went from summer to winter in a matter of hours. I snuck up the canyon the day before our first snowfall to go for a hike and get some pics. I took the dogs with so they could enjoy the beauty of God's creations, also. I know they appreciate those kinds of things.
Ok, this picture was actually the day after the hike when the snow was just starting to fall.
Sammie is the most puppy-doe-eyed dog ever. You can't help but love her. She is patiently waiting for this picture so we can get a move on up the trail.
Bear, and this sort of captures his personality. hee hee
pictures from the hike.

And last week we spent 5 days relaxing and playing at Bear Lake. We enjoyed day after day of 4 wheeling, swimming, 4 wheeling, eating, sleeping, 4 wheeling, and karaoke.

Bear, and that is not spit.
Bear, Sammie and Aliyah in the very chilly waters of Bear Lake.
Me and Brynja off into the reeds of death.
Me second guessing letting Brynja drive. Brynja absolutely thrilled that I said yes and hoping she can hit the gas before I change my mind.

Aliyah seriously within 60 seconds of parking the truck.
Joe thinking his cool donuts would be captured on film as well as a video would have. mwhahahaha
Joe and Jordan "testing" the speed of my 4 wheeler. Sure boys.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Was there really ever such a thing as a quiet Sunday?

Is it just me, or does conference weekend seem like the most incredibly chaotic weekend ever? I sometimes wish we had to actually go to the chapel to hear/watch it. I know I was pretty well behaved, kind of had to be. Sitting there in the pews in church clothes, nothing else to do. And of course other people watching. But my kids, no they have no idea how to actually watch conference. I don't force them, and maybe I should. It is one of those things that turns into a giant chucking the Spirit out the door kind of epic battle once it begins. And that seems to be the anti-thesis of conference in the first place.

So I have kicked them outside for half time. I swear they need to run on treadmills on conference days. They move room to room carrying piles of crap that they say will help them pay attention. And it fails. They only make piles in each room, until there is no where left to sit or walk, and then they must move to a new room in order to continue the take over. I so can't stand it. There is a part of me screaming inside my head that they all should go get dressed for church and then make them line the dining room chairs up in front of the tv (about as comfy as the church, right?). Then they should have to sit there, the whole time, and watch/listen to conference.

I guess it irritates me because their inability to focus or be quiet let alone reverent makes it so hard for me to have or feel the Spirit. I get little bits of it, and want more, but uggh. So, note to self. In the Spring we are dressing up. It probably doesn't help we've had rain all weekend so they've been stuck inside anyway.

So, tell me- what do you do to keep your kids either involved or distracted? What do you expect of your kids? I need ideas and help before I go insane.