Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hmmm... I can't remember if I had anything to write

Ha. It has been one of those days. They kind where you stay up late, can't sleep, fall asleep just before the kids will wake up, then get woken up. So my brain feels like it is mush. And I was thinking I had something to write about, but now that I am typing, I can't remember.

So, I haven't updated with Halloween things. Partly because I spaced pictures again. Which is really sad because I made some killer Halloween food and could have snapped pics. But we were in too much of a hurry to eat and go trick or treating. So I also forgot to take pics of the kids before they headed out. And they ditched the costumes so fast after returning that it just didn't happen. They humored me and got into them again, but it wasn't the same.
We learned that Bear loves pumpkins. As food. He thinks they are pretty tasty. While we were busy carving and thinking the extra pumpkins were safe on the floor Bear was having a snack. The good news- he didn't throw up or have any other side effects that we are aware of. We may find pumpkins sprouting in various places next spring. But I am ok with that. And I was thinking the pumpkin was probably quite healthy. All of that orange vegetable vitamin goodness.

Yeah, that is so Aliyah. Gets all dressed up, but the minute she is done it is back to her little impish self. She is such a character!

Josh was the Hulk. His costume inflated, I mean he worked out really hard so he'd look buff for the big night.

Well, other than that things have been pretty much the same. Brynja did get a cell phone last week. I decided I didn't like her babysitting for people without land lines. I hated that there was no way to reach her unless she had my cell phone. And there have been a few other times I wished she had one. So, I broke down and added her to the plan. And to spare you all from a billion text messages we will not be giving out her number. It is for the best. :) The best part of the cell phone deal was that I got a Blackberry out of it. And I must say I am in heaven. It is so nice to have access to e-mail everywhere. And once I get my memory cards I can access all of my university classes. So I am pretty happy about that.

Oh, we also got to go a freaking awesome concert last night. I have to say that it was the first concert I'd been to (live, and not the school or city choir/orchestra) since I was in college. S0 it's been a couple of weeks. Ok, I mean the first time I was in college. So a year or two. Anyway, it was so much fun. It was a group that included our friend, the kids' music teacher Jim, and another friend Jay, along with a few others they are friends with. They really need to form a band. It was a night of great music! So we will now be stalking them for concerts.

Ok, that pretty much covers the last couple of weeks. Not a ton has happened because we are just too busy I think. But that keeps us out of trouble. So I encourage to be good. Remember who you are and what you stand for. And most importantly, don't do dumb stuff.