Sunday, February 28, 2010

So, blogging is not a talent

Of mine. Clearly I don't do well at this. I don't really enjoy it, and that is probably the root of the issue. It is a journaling thing. I hated keeping journals, and this is very similar. This has the added benefits of pictures. And I like pictures. But alas, I don't really blog well. Maybe next year.

So, for the last year: I've been a full time student. I am going crazy with keeping up on a good GPA, clean house, garden/lawn maintenance, raising the kids, making sure said kids have their homework done, etc.

Brynja has started tumbling again. She also had some minor foot surgery, which made her have to break from tumbling for 2 months, and that has nearly killed her. She has braces, and is now more than half way through that experience. She is playing violin and viola. She got straight A's last semester! And she turned 14 and went to her first dance. Phew!

Josh has been active as usual. He played football last fall. That was fun, and we'll probably do it again. He gets to see an orthodontist in a week and we'll decide whether the torture will begin for him. He is registered for soccer, baseball and swim lessons for the next few months. And he wants to be home schooled, which I think we may just do.

Aliyah is still learning Spanish, and she was able to help Mom help a guy during the winter. We have a steep hill that is on the route home, and it always gets covered with snow drifts, icy sheets of frozen yuck, and now has a stop light at the top. The guy in front of us did not have 4 wheel drive, and the light turned red. He was just toast. Aliyah helped me get him help from a guy behind us who had a tow rope. It was pretty exciting for us both to see her use her Spanish! Aliyah has been taking dance again. She will have more swimming lessons in the spring, and then she wants to do tumbling.

Joe has been having issues with toys. He bought a mini-bike, restored the tote-goat I wanted to throw in the trash (having sat in our backyard untouched for 6 years, I figured it must be garbage.) And then he sold his 4 wheeler and bought a motorcycle. We can take bets on how long it will be before the first injury occurs. It will help us pay for it.

I am closer to graduation, but was really disappointed to find out that even though I will have completed all of the required classes in one year, I am still 27 credit short of graduation minimums. That is so obnoxious. So, I have to figure out what I will do. I can do the BFA, but I don't know that it is worth paying for the studio time with teachers who have completely different styles and preferences. I could add a minor. Or I could get the teaching degree, but that is about 35 credits, and I would only teach if I am needing to be the breadwinner (and haven't started selling paintings).

K, that is my summary of the last year. You may not see anything else until next year. :)