Saturday, January 29, 2011

Inspiration to cut my household budget

Well, I am going to need 90 days to figure out where I can possibly cut my budget, but I feel inspired to take that leap.  Thank you to our government leaders for helping see that this is do-able.  I will be looking over all of my expense reports to see where I can lower some of my spending.  I am going to aim high, like our President.  I am hoping to cut about the same percentage of my budget.  So, that will mean I need to find a way to cut about $3 out of my budget (assuming the economy doesn't tank any more and we can actually raise our income a tad).  I just don't know which area can take a hit like that, but I am certain that we can do it, and we will make do with what is left.  This will ensure a brighter tomorrow for all of us.

Inspirational video is here:

Friday, January 28, 2011

First Snowboarding for Mom and the Kids!

So, after 17 years of swearing I'd never hurl myself down the side of a mountain I started feeling pretty lame in the mom department.  A friend showed me where to find some killer deals for locals (Ski Utah).  I also found that they have killer passports for 5th and 6th graders!  For $25 they get a book that has 3-4 free passes for each ski resort in Utah.  You need one paying adult for every two free kids.  Thank goodness for home school!  Aliyah got one because she is doing a 4th/5th curriculum and they said that was fine!

Before we headed out on our own I decided we needed to get in on the mega deal for locals and do the "learn to snowboard" package before January was up.  I decided Brighton had the schedule that fit ours best, so that was the resort we headed to.  The package was unbelievably awesome, it covered the lift ticket, rentals and you got a two hour lesson!  So, after telling myself to get over my silly fears, like crashing into trees, we headed up the canyon.
 Another beautiful thing about home school, we went mid-week, in the morning, and the resort was all but empty!  Josh and Aliyah had an instructor to themselves.  Brynja and I were in the "adult" class, and it was full, but still capped at eight people.  So, not too many people to feel like a dork in front of, and we all just looked ridiculous together.  It was really not that bad.  Although, if I hadn't recently returned to college as an adult, it would have felt way more humiliating.  It's nice to be over that.

Aliyah was looking good on her first run down without an adult!  She seemed to have an affinity for the trees on the side though.

She kept heading toward those trees and the "creek" and she biffed it.  But, she got up, and I don't think she headed that direction on any of the following runs.

She looks so small on that chair, and all by herself!  She did have a few issues at the top, the dork running the lift up there was too busy reading a book to look at her asking him to slow the lift for her.  So she crashed a couple of times.  I finally asked the girl at the bottom to tell him I was going to ride the lift up and kick his rear if he didn't put the book down and pay attention.

This is my only picture, everyone was too busy going up and down to take pics of me.  That may be for the best, I can say I never fell and no one can prove me wrong. 

Brynja kind of looks like she is falling, but I think she was waving and trying to tell me she made it all the way down without any crashes!

This was after a no-crashing run!  She was obviously pretty pleased with herself!

After her display of awesomeness, she nearly got creamed by this kid wiping out.  She was able to stay out of the way, and didn't fall.

Yup, that was Josh, actually near boredom.  Poor guy.  He takes to this so naturally, and none of us girls could compete.  So he had to just tough it out on the beginner run.  I considered the next run, but after realizing I couldn't even see the top of the lift, I chickened out.

Off to the trees in search of jumps.  He was just about the only person that ventured in there all day.  Very unlike his mom, I would actually bail if I was heading for those trees too quickly.