Tuesday, March 15, 2011

P.E. at the Quarry

I forgot these pics were on my phone.  It's easy to forget when I was wasn't the one that took them.

We had to take Josh for DWA testing, and it only made sense to get the energy out after that.  So we headed down to the Quarry in Provo after he finished to have a little quality P.E. time.  The tricky part was that you have to belay the person climbing, so the kids had to take turns.  I didn't.  I got a pretty intense arm workout.

Due to me being the belayer I had to hand the camera off to the kids.  I use the term "camera" loosely, all I had was my phone.  And it has a seriously delayed click, so a lot of the pictures are blurry.  But that is better than nothing.

Aliyah all geared up and ready to go!
Josh, flexing his muscles, cuz really, there is no fat on that boy.
Josh was attempting to follow a really tricky path.  It didn't work out so well .
Josh getting his ropes ready, and me finishing up on my end.  It's scarier when you have to tie your own knots!
That's Aliyah, she is seriously a good climber.  She always got to the top, and she took some pretty tricky routes.
Coming down!

The quarry is in Provo by the dollar movies.  I highly recommend it. You can find good deals on City Deals, too.  The Quarry info is here. Check City Deals before you go!  I can usually find gift certificates for half off, but you have to do it ahead of time as they are mailed to you.