Saturday, May 28, 2011

Clark Planetarium

I took Josh out to celebrate his AWESOME scores on some of his testing.  He had been cramming the testing in between our schedule and the requirements and deadlines we were given.  He is not a happy test taker, and the couple of times he knew he hit a wrong answer, but couldn't go back and fix it because they are online tests, just had him so certain he'd flunk.  So when his scores for math and reading came back at 99% and 94% nationally, and same within the district, I knew he deserved a special day!  He has made leaps and bounds of progress at home.

So, we headed to the Clark Planetarium, and it was a bad weather day, so even Dad got to come with! That is a rare treat this time of year.  We bought yearly memberships through Groupon, and it turns out that they were even a better deal than I realized!  Movies are free, with a free bucket of popcorn for each person!  That alone paid for the one day we went!

If you or your kid is interested in anything science, this is the place for you!  Josh actually passed off his last Science unit in the time we were there.  We got to cover forces, motion, forces of planets, gravity, etc., just by walking through the exhibits.  And the movies... The 3-D IMAX Hubble movie was soooooo good!  I could have watched it for hours.  Such extraordinary footage!  I do love astronomy, but still, those pictures are spectacluar!  And that was Joe's first 3-D movie ever!  Pretty good choice for a first.

Boys will be boys....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free Admissions for Summer!

If you want some free things to do this summer check out this link!  They are for Ogden area attractions.

FREE admissions to:
Hill Aerospace Museum
Ogden Nature Center
Roy Aquatic Center
Ott Planetarium
Roy Rec Complex
Weber Pathways
Weber State Pool
Lorin Farr Pool
Union Station Museums
BSA Ropes Course
Peery's Egyptian Theater
Ice Sheet
Dinosaur Park
Fort Buenaventura

Good for specific days only, so click that link and print the sheet out!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Karate Tournament

Board Breaking - first board- really short! Well, it sucks to find out that the camera has to be held sideways in order to get a video that is up and down.  Who designed that feature?

Anyway, on to the story....

So, Josh started back in karate two months ago.  We've learned he isn't a sports team kind of kid.  I really had a hard time with that because I had really enjoyed sports, and being his mom, I figured it would only make sense that he, as a boy, would therefore be way more into that than I had been.  Reality he just doesn't have the personality, he usually feels left out, stupid, less than adequate, etc.  And so I finally allowed myself to allow him to move on.  It was hard, for me.  But, sometimes you have to just see your child without your personal bias in the way.  Josh is happier not playing sports on a team, and he thrives at things like snowboarding and karate. So, I decided we won't waste money on team sports and trying to "fit in" and be "one of the boys".  He can be his own man.

The dojo he attends (All Star Karate) had an in-school tournament and Josh wanted to try it.  Hanshi said he was ready, I had to ask because I have no clue what this even entails and images from "The Karate Kid" are going through my head.  So we sign up and head over.

I have videos of most of his events.  They are way less drama than the movie had made me mentally prepared for.  haha  So I will just post his videos, and hopefully you have a laptop you can turn on its side, or have a really flexible neck.

Josh took 1st place in board breaking, 3rd place in sparring, and 4th place in sword fighting (which was really hard!  That required  some fast thinking and tricky moves!)

Board Breaking 2nd board

Sparring (last round)


Sword Fighting