Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I just wanted to say thank you to all the men who choose to make being a dad a priority!  I am so grateful for the dad I had growing up.  He taught me so many things.  I learned that it was good to know how to change oil in my car or how to change a tire.  But, better than that, I learned I could probably do it in a dress if need be and still feel like a girl.  I learned to balance out how to do hard things with still being a princess.  And I am really grateful for that.  And now, he continues leaving this example for my children, and I hope they want to be like him when they are grown.
Here's to my Dad!!!
And now I have a another man in my life... my hubby!  Where would I be without him?  It's really hard to say, I don't know at which point I would give up and throw in the towel. :)  So here is a thank you to him for all the work he does, whether I acknowledge it out loud or not, it is known and appreciated.  Thank you for all the leaky toilets silenced, the lawn that you can mow five times faster than I can, the string trimming I am too short to do properly, the oil changes I know how to do but don't have to, the tires that have never been so bald I've ever had to use my tire changing skills, for all of the 'weird' noises I hear in the car engine that you inspect, for ignoring me when I get really involved in a project and want to finish it, and for all the millions of other things I am not thinking of.  Thank you!  But most of all, thank you for being a good dad and a great example to our kids.  They love and respect you and that only happens by their choice, which says a lot about you.
I love you, Joe!
And here is to all of my brothers (all four of you) and my lucky brothers-in-law!   Thank you for being awesome dads and uncles.  The world needs more men who are willing to be a part of kids' lives, and I am truly grateful that my kids have great male role models.  I am glad you are all so different, because it allows my kids to see that you can be incredible no matter your personality or situation.  Thank you for all you do!