Friday, July 22, 2011

Fishing Sucks

I tried to be a good mom.  But clearly, fishing is not in my blood.  I can keep them in an aquarium just fine.  But getting them on a hook, not so much.  Regardless of my ability, I still took them fishing so we could say we had the experience.  I keep waiting for the day they no longer want to bother, but they still hold out hope that we'll land a whopper.  As long as we go to pretty places, I guess I can deal with it.  This trip was to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon.


So maybe I will catch up before summer is over.....

This cute picture is from Aliyah's Spanish Immersion dance festival.  We love Spanish Immersion, and are so happy that Aliyah is in it.  She did a great job.  I was so far in the back of the gym I couldn't get pictures, and video wasn't even an option from where I was.  But I did make her stop in the hall for a quick photo.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mom's car accident

My mom was in a bad accident last Wednesday, There is a neck plate injury, I think it is a broken(?) c2 vertebrae, which is above 4 other vertebrae that were fused a couple of years ago from another accident, her right hand had a compound fracture and they did surgery last night on that to put metal “bridges” in, and an ankle fracture that also had surgery to install some fabulous hardware. We still haven’t heard from the spinal guy three days later.  I am getting so mad at this hospital.  I swear, they are understaffed and have no manners.  Patients aren’t people they are bank accounts.

It is truly a miracle she is even alive. The guy that caused the accident took off and they never found him. Her car was plowed off the road and she hit a ramp sort of retaining wall that rocketed her car into the air, and it landed front end first, about 30 feet away, then that launched her another 20 feet or so where she landed on the back end of the car, and then it rolled/slid another 30 feet or so up an embankment. I can not believe she isn’t more damaged. And after the car stopped she smelled gas, panicked and climbed out of the car to get away. She is one wild woman.  We still aren’t sure where she was in the car when it stopped. She thought the dashboard was in front of her, but my brother had the number of the first guy on the scene to help and he said when he got to the car she was climbing out a back window.

I would be really grateful for the prayers in her behalf, I know they are heard. She is in so much pain, they are saying three months flat on her back is what she is headed for at home (which may kill her faster than any other injury could). We don’t know when they will release her, they can’t cast her ankle or hand due to swelling. But she is going to go so crazy laying flat, please pray she heals faster!

I will update more later.  I have to get to art class!

Not all that crap in the car is hers.  They started throwing other crap in there from the wreck area before they towed it off.  Glad she could provide a trash can....