Sunday, May 27, 2012

Snow Canyon Hidden Pinyon Trail

I am still trying to catch up, this year has been so chaotic!  During Christmas break we had planned to go to Southern Utah, but when Grandpa started scaring us we changed plans and headed to Omaha instead.  Joe wasn't able to come, we had not made arrangements for a number of things, so he stayed home to hold down the fort.

After the kids and I got back from Omaha Joe was still ready for a family trip.  And frankly, I felt like we did need it.  Omaha was fun, but it isn't easy to go visit someone knowing you will be leaving them and not get to see them again.  So, this little trip was a vacation for us.

We love to head South, and we decided to go to Saint George this time.  We have never actually been there if you can believe it.  We usually head for non-populated locations.  But, it was January, and camping wasn't sounding like a vacation.  So, we used Priceline and got a hotel with a pool and explored St. George.

We loved it, and if it wasn't 150 degrees in the summer we could live there.

Our first adventure was to head to Snow Canyon State Park.  


It was every bit as cool as Zion, just smaller!

Our first hike was Hidden Pinyon.  It is an easy hike, with beautiful scenery.

Lots of rocks for climbing and exploring.  And sandstone is easy to climb, so let the kids have at it!
Josh likes to go on these little side adventures.  He will run ahead and work on climbing while we make our way to him.  As long as he doesn't break his neck I don't mind.
There are loads of crevices to explore.
Hiking makes you really buff.
Watch for critter tracks!  They are everywhere, even in January!

Joe thought he was being so sneaky hiding under a rock that had been carved out by water.

If you have a budding geologist they will be fascinated by the rocks!
We started out the day with gloves, headbands and hats, coats, the whole thing.  But that only lasted for one hike!

Once in a while we get proof I exist.

The colors in January are so cool!  We were really liking the greyish greens and the soft yellows of the dormant grasses and "stuff".
Josh was having fun checking out the erosion patterns.

All those little lizard tracks and small rodents or whatever, seriously- all over!

The most dangerous thing we saw on this hike.  There were a few of them, but they are pretty large and obvious. 
The end of the trail brings you to an overlook that is really beautiful.  You can easily hike down to the wash at the bottom and take that trail all the way up the park.  We opted to return to the car and head to another trail with lava tubes!

Looking for somewhere fun and full of easy hikes for kids?  This is it!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Greenhouse Goodness

I have had a cheap tent type greenhouse the last 3 years, and I love it!  But, last year kind of did it in.  This year I decided to try to build one that could withstand our hurricane force winds that we get all winter and spring.  I just headed to Home Depot and they happened to have some decking lumber on clearance that was perfect.  So I bought that, some bolts and nuts, and some plastic sheeting. 
My garden is half in- I square foot garden, so I decided to build this greenhouse right onto an existing box.  I just made a basic frame, and a door, and we covered it in plastic by stapling it to the wood.  The frame was bolted to the garden box so that it wouldn't blow over or away, and if I want to take it down it is all assembled with bolts or screws so it can come down easily!
Inside the greenhouse I planted my spring garden.  I had planned to add some shelves for seed trays of summer things, but never got it done.  And, the greens did get a huge head start, but it would have been better if I'd have done the tomatoes and peppers.  Oh well, maybe next year!  The kale looks happy!

Outside in another garden box I got other spring veggies in.  This is my purple kale, and it is so pretty!  Yummy too, a fairly mild kale.
And here are my beets sprouting up!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Winter Quarters, In winter!

This is more from our December trip to Omaha.  

We took a break one afternoon to let Grandpa nap and we headed over to the temple and the visitor's center at Winter Quarters.  I have been there so many times I couldn't count them all.  My kids haven't gone that many times yet, but enough that things are becoming familiar.  It was fun to have most of the cousins there together playing and pretending they were brave pioneers!

Thanks to a brother I have a picture of me, my kids and the nephews at the cemetery.  We sure go to a lot of cemeteries....

Well, if the vest makes the pioneer then Josh has it covered.
My girls demonstrating the clothing style Joe wishing they still had around.  Having an almost 16 year old has him a little on edge!

I wonder if pioneers ever did put a wreath on the yoke of their oxen?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Random Omaha Memories

I just wanted to save a few memories before I get too forgetful.  These are from our trip In January.

Grandpa Foster always had these collections, I don't know why.  He had tons of pens, old coins, cool letter openers, and other things.  And, they were always completely organized.  And that desk they are on is his work desk from his job at Rubin's Distributing in Omaha.
This lovely sculpture was the butt of many a joke.  There are two of them on either side of a bridge that you go under or over between Omaha and Council Bluffs, Iowa.  My nephew Traeden was the funniest.  As I was driving with him back to our hotel he asked what they were.  I told him they were Transformer parts.  He was quiet for a minute, then said, No, they weren't.  So I asked him what they were.  He said that they looked like things that came out of a dumpster.  Exactly!  Love that boy!
We found this hanging on Grandpa's wall, it is the Foster family crest!  Pretty dang cool!
These pictures used to amaze me when I was 8-10 years old.  I remember laying on Grandma's sewing room bed looking up at them.  I didn't know who they were.  I asked one day and was told it was Grandpa and Grandma.  It took me so long to believe it was true!  They are some really beautiful people!
Kesia pointing out her "signature" on this little certificate ( I think she was not even born yet).  I remember sending that to Grandpa when I was young, and he kept it on his wall all these years!
Grandma knew how to rock the glasses!
I forget that my kids don't see real rivers and the cool bridges that go over them.  We took a side road to Grandpa's one day and went over the Missouri river by way of this cool bridge.  And then we did it again a couple more times for nostalgia's sake!
Omaha may be barren in January, but those colors are beautiful!
Some of Grandpa's pen collection, perfectly lined up as always.
More beautiful Nebraska scenery.
The plaque from Grandpa & Grandma's mission in Chicago.  That mission may have actually saved my life.  I am so grateful they served!
The Missouri River.  Pretty awesome sight if you've lived in Utah forever!