Monday, October 7, 2013

Conference Oct 2013

Conference Oct 2013

Conference Oct 2013 I just wanted to say that this October General Conference was exactly what I needed.  I felt so uplifted, and so empowered to be better, do better, and to try harder.  I don't feel overwhelmed, or guilt ridden, it's about as opposite of that as possible.  And that, I believe, is the difference between having the Spirit confirm things versus letting Satan get the better of you. I know that is one of my weak spots he likes to take advantage of.

If you missed conference, or have no idea what I am even referring to, you can go here to watch it for yourself.  I definitely recommend it to anyone, regardless of your faith.

I am making some little Facebook covers to help me remember some of the highlights I enjoyed.  You can grab this one HERE for FREE.  Feel free to use it, or share it.


Hollie Hanson said...

MY take was very similar too! I felt like I was a confirmation in the things I have chosen in my life (ex- family), and at the same time I have set new goals to work on improving in lots of areas. i honestly think this was the best conference ever in my 32 years of existence :)

April Staker said...

It was really good, and I think I got something out of every single talk. Usually there are some that I don't get so much out of. That is probably my fault for not preparing myself better, or making food for kids, or something else. :) I feel like this one had a sense of urgency though, and it kind of makes me wonder how much I still need to do to protect my kids from what's coming.

Jill Campbell said...

Conference was great. Loved your "quote wall." Definitely gonna steel that idea in April. My favorite talk as you can probably guess was by Elder Eyring.