Monday, June 30, 2014

More of Trek- Arrival

More of Trek- Arrival

More of Trek- Arrival
 Our Stake has the blessing of taking the youth that are 14-18 years old on a Pioneer Trek every 4 years.  Joe was the Stake Young Men's President when our stake was new, and he was in on the original planning.  Due to the death of his mom the Sunday before that first Trek, he didn't get to go.  Callings change, and neither of us got to go 4 years ago when Brynja went for the first time.  So, eight years later, we finally got to go experience Trek!  We were able to go with Brynja and Josh this time, and serve as a Ma & Pa for a family of nine kids.

Our Stake sent 352 people on Trek this year.  That was 8 buses full of teenagers!  While this might sound like a torture fest, it was completely the opposite.  Our Stake has been blessed with amazing youth that have clearly been held in reserve for these days.  They have incredible spirits, and strong testimonies. We rarely have issues with them acting like "normal" teenagers.  It's a blessing and a pleasure to work with them.

Due to the size of our Stake, we were divided into 3 "companies", made of 3-4 wards each.  Each family was given a handcart, and we loaded it with our meager possessions.  We were allowed one bucket to hold all of our clothing, toiletries, jacket, and whatever else we needed besides the bedding.  We pushed the buckets, and a cooler with the day's food, in the handcarts.

The handcarts were replicas of the pioneers'.

We met at our Stake Center at 3:30am on Wednesday morning.  After a devotional and prayer, we loaded buses and began the journey.  When you take 350+ people, bathroom breaks can take a ridiculous amount of time.  So it took us about 9-10 hours to arrive at Martin's Cove.

Once we were there, we were split into the companies, given the handcarts, loaded them, and then had an orientation with the missionaries that serve there. 

 We dressed fairly authentically- although it definitely had a modern twist.  We wore sunglasses, good hiking or running shoes, and good socks. I opted for some running shirts that would stay dry.  But we had fabulous bloomers on under the skirts (which were pretty toasty on the warm days).  I also thought I'd found the perfect hat at the zoo, but it turns out that Asia must not have the winds of Wyoming.  That hat wouldn't stay on for anything.  I had a backup "cowboy" hat, and ditched that after finding out how sweaty it made my head.  If I go again, I will try the bonnet.  I just really hate things tied under my chin.

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